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Does your flat roof need repairing or replacing?

Does you flat roof need repairing or replacing?

We don't discriminate when its comes to the size, shape or material your roof is made from. We've got years of experience working on them all. 

For flat roof repairs in Stockport and the surrounding area, or flat roof replacement, JLP Roofing offer the same great experience and service as with a pitched roof.  We don't cut corners. We're committed to providing the highest quality workmanship on your flat roof, and provide the same 20-year guarantee on all roofs serviced by our team. 

Fixing the Roof

Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

What are some of the signs that you need to get your flat roof repaired or replaced?

You may notice that there are some pools appearing, tears or rips, or your flat roof is starting to look bumpy. These could be signs that your flat roof needs repairing or replacing. 

Getting your flat roof repaired or replaced will save you from further cost to your property both structurally and ultimately financially if left unattended.

As we do on any roof, we initially conduct a thorough investigation on your roof to determine the root cause of the issue, leaving you with a free quote.

We've got the skills to work on single-ply, GRP and Rubber roof materials so whatever your materials your flat roof is covered in, we've got you covered. 


As with all our work it will be conducted using quality materials, utilising our years of experience and will be guaranteed for 20 years from the date of completion. Leaving you with the peace of mind that your roof will be weather tight for many years to come. 

For flat roofing repairs, call today on 07305 433917

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